Bottle Service Deep Ellum

Act brand new, treat yourself, and pop bottles.

Treat Yourself
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Bottle Service Deep Ellum

Treat yourself and pop bottles

Looking for that spot that you and your friends can call your own? You deserve the best experience when you order bottle service in Deep Ellum. Make a spectacle, reward yourself, and let your entourage know how much you value their skills…at watching you pay the tab. Here’s to your entourage! Yep you work your ass off, but you couldn’t do it without the ones who show you moral support….by playing Xbox all day. Here’s to your entourage!

Bachelorette Party Bottle Service

That’s right show that bride to be the best, last night out on the town with bottle service Deep Ellum at Off The Cuff. We have the best live entertainment and DJs in Dallas and serve late night food till 2:00AM every day. The bride put her trust in you to through her a party she won’t soon forget, so put your trust in us to deliver on your promise. We’ll help you organize the whole thing and make damn sure to have all the drinks and dancing you want and crave.

Sports Watching Bottle Service

Let’s face it, you’re tailgating anyway, so do it in style with bottle service in Deep Ellum at Off The Cuff Dallas. It’s like having your own personal suite when you book a VIP table and invite all your friends and their single family members. You’re not die hard unless you’re celebrating game day with your friends with a schweet setup popping bottles. Drink and cheer, or sip that tear in your beer, but do it in a upscale neighborhood bar with a safe environment…so you can cry if you want to when your team bites it. We always have all the sports all the time, on TVs that can be seen from over them mountains.

Bottle Service Price List

Sorry, but we don’t list the prices on our website for super secret reasons…not really. We would be happy to list all the amazing prices for our bottle service in Deep Ellum, but they’re always changing. Don’t fret. Feel free to drop us a line, or give us a call for pricing. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process, reserve you a table, and guarantee a night, or brunch you’ll never forget. I mentioned brunch, well what better accompaniment to our delicious brunch menu than our shared cocktails and bottle service.

We love bringing people together, so reach out to let us know how we can help you build relationships you’ll cherish. We’re located at 2901 Elm St., Dallas, TX 75226, so look us up when you’re in the neighborhood looking for bottle service in Deep Ellum. Check out our hours on the home page of this website, or call us at (469) 237-0918.